Samsung Galaxy S4 no longer booting up, other power-related problems

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Micro-USB Dock for Galaxy S4

Below are the topics discussed in this article:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t charge and keeps getting power sharing app pop up
  2. Galaxy S4 reboots (after updating to Lollipop) when turning off Wi-Fi
  3. Galaxy S4 only vibrates but won’t turn on
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t boot up
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 no longer booting up
  6. Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t charge and keeps getting power sharing app pop up

Hello. I just finished reading your article on common problems with an S4 and since you didn’t answer my issue directly I wanted to write and see what you think. 

I bought my phone from eBay about a month ago and they said it was brand new. While on vacation a week later, I started getting the power sharing popup that tells you to download the app and use the special cable yada yada. I ignored the message and looked up how to get rid of it with no success. I looked for the power sharing app in my application manager and since I never downloaded it, it wasn’t there.  I had bought a charger to go in my luggage and hadn’t used it before but when I plugged my phone in on the 4th day of the trip (first 3 days it worked fine) my phone quit charging. It recognizes that there is a charge. It clicks and has the lightning on the battery but it only decreases in battery charge. I tried different chargers. I tried different batteries and then different chargers but nothing worked. I read that a factor reset could work so I tried that and about an hour after the reset it started charging again. I was so happy! Great it’s fixed, I don’t have to worry. Well, it’s been about three weeks since then and it just did it to me again last night. Everything was fine, I didn’t have any notifications, I didn’t drop it, I used my regular charger and when I plugged it in there was nothing. No charge indicator, nothing.  So I tried another charger and after wiggling it a little, it clicked and acted like it was charging but when I woke up it was close to dying. I performed another factor reset and bam it starts working again about an hour later. 

So my question is am I going to have to factory reset my phone every three weeks? Is this a software issue? Is there anyway of preventing it from happening again? And how do I get the popup to go away (after each reset they popup like crazy even though I click don’t show again).

Thanks for listening. — V

Solution: Hi V. We haven’t received any other letter from the email address you use to send this request for assistance so that may have been lost for some reason. We appreciate your effort though in contacting us again.

The recurring problem of your S4 not charging and the message that keeps showing up may be related. We believe that one of your installed apps (we have no idea what it might be) is the reason for this trouble.

If you re-install the same set of applications after doing a factory reset, you are probably not doing anything effective to stop this issue.

Try booting your S4 in safe mode and check if the issue happens again. When in safe mode, your phone will prevent third party applications from running. If the issue won’t occur in safe mode, that’s a confirmation that you need to uninstall apps until the issue has been eliminated.

To boot in safe mode, just follow these steps:

  • Turn the device off completely.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Once the Samsung Galaxy S4 logo appears on the screen, release the Power button.
  • As soon as you release the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down key until the phone has completed the reboot process.
  • If you can read ‘Safe Mode’ at the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume Down key.  Otherwise, repeat the process until you can boot the phone to Safe Mode.

Now, if you think that another app is to blame for this issue, the best thing that you can do is to do another round of factory reset and install your apps afterwards individually.

Since we have no idea which of your apps is the culprit, you have to invest some time to identify it. We recommend that you install only popular and mainstream applications. Least popular or known apps tend to be problematic as their developers may no longer have the motivation and resources to update and release patches to fix bugs.

It’s possible that one of your apps may be hosting malicious software or adware (that’s why it keeps telling you to download an app and buy something). Malware or adware can only by transmitted through apps so you to take the initiative to prevent them from getting into your phone. And this can be done by installing as few third party apps as possible. Stick to mainstream and official apps. For example, if you can’t live without your games, make sure that you are installing only ones from reliable developers (although determining their integrity is a tricky business as well). If the issue returns after installing all of your preferred apps, reverse the process by uninstalling each one and observing the phone after every uninstall.

Problem #2: Galaxy S4 reboots (after updating to Lollipop) when turning off Wi-Fi

Since the Lollipop upgrade, my phone reboots when manually turning Wi-Fi off, or when attempting to change Wi-Fi connections. When turning Wi-Fi off, the icon goes from green to gray/green, then the phone reboots. After reboot, the command has been completed (Wi-Fi off our network changed) I have a Wi-Fi extender add the signal doesn’t reach both ends of the house. I also see this a lot on public Wi-Fi when the connection can’t be made so I’m trying to turn off Wi-Fi to use mobile data instead.

I have tried wiping the cache partition and booting into safe mode, but neither affects the problem, which I can reliably reproduce.

This is also not a carrier issue. It was happening on Sprint and still happens now that I am using a foreign GSM network.

This problem started with Lollipop.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I have researched and not found this specific issue addressed on any sites or forums. — Mark

Solution: Hi Mark. We’ve come across many issues after updating devices to Android Lollipop but not this one. It’s our first time to encounter this issue as well so it might be unique to your device. A good thing to try though is by doing a factory reset and checking if the issue remains even without installing any apps.

If it’s not one of your apps, it must only be the firmware.

Try flashing another ROM if the issue persists.

We will appreciate it if you can provide a feedback afterwards so we can update this post for the benefit of our Android community.

Problem #3: Galaxy S4 only vibrates but won’t turn on

My Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t turn on. I connect it to the power cord and it keeps making one vibration every 10-15 seconds. The screen is totally black and I can’t see anything at all. I tried to hold down the power button and the volume button and it doesn’t work. I try power, volume and home button and still doesn’t work. It just makes the vibration and that’s it. I also tried to take out the battery and replace it after 20 seconds and still doesn’t work. Please help. — Ahmad

Solution: Hi Ahmad. If the phone’s screen is totally black and you are unable to boot it to other modes (recovery mode, safe mode, download mode), then the problem must be hardware in nature.

Having it checked by a qualified technician is not a guaranteed fix but this may be the only viable option you have on this one.

Otherwise, simply have the phone replaced.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t boot up

My phone Samsung S4 mini is not booting in any way. When I remove the battery and insert it again , Samsung logo appears for a second and then the screen turns black. It happens again and again whenever I tried removing battery. I tried entering the recovery mode but again samsung logo appears with recovery booting written on top of the phone in blue for a sec and no other menu comes, the screen turns black again. I don’t want to go to service centre and I have to leave my home town in few days so I want this problem to be fixed as early as possible. Please help. — Nishtha

Solution: Hi Nishtha. We know you must be desperate for a solution for this problem but just like what we tell Ahmad above, this issue is just beyond you (unless you want to open the phone, diagnose the issue, and fix it). Our blog does not provide hardware diagnosis and solution so kindly look for other resources in the web (iFixit site is a good place to start).

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S4 no longer booting up

This morning my phone was full charged and working fine. however after taking my phone out of my bag i found it was switched off. so i switched it back on but a messaged popped up saying android update. So i put it back in my bag to finish updating and when i took it out again it wouldnt switch on, and hasn’t since. — Georgia

Solution: Hi Georgia. Start by removing the battery for 10 seconds. After that, re-insert the battery and see what happens. If the phone still fails to boot up, try another battery.

If the phone fails to boot normally after an update (which is rare by the way), it’s also very likely that it won’t be able to boot in other modes. We can only start our troubleshooting if the phone boots up so you must have a bricked device in your hand.

Make sure to have the phone checked by technician.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S4 stuck in boot loop

I’m having the boot loop problem on my S4. It tries to boot everytime i put the battery in. It says Galaxy S4, and then reboots again, Galaxy S4, reboot, and so on.. I tried to follow the guide on the website, but i can’t turn my phone off, it won’t let me.

And when i try to boot on safe mode, it reboots again, it won’t let me do that either. I don’t know if I can say that my phone is already dead, but I still have hope.

Thank you for your attention. — Bruno

Solution: Hi Bruno. Try booting the phone in recovery mode to do a factory reset. Here’s how:

  • Switch your phone off.
  • Hold down the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release them when the Android logo appears on the screen. This will bring up the unlock/reset menu.
  • To navigate through this menu, use the Volume Up/Volume Down buttons to scroll up and down and the power button to confirm selections.
  • Scroll down and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Scroll down and select Yes – Delete All User Data.
  • When prompted, scroll to and select Reboot System Now. The phone will then reboot to its factory settings.

If the phone refuses to boot in recovery mode, try restarting in download mode instead so you can flash the firmware with a stock or another one. You can use Google to search for guides on who to do this.

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