Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Accessing Data In microSD Card

One of the features that people love about their Android devices is the way the can easily expand its storage capability. The #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 for example has an internal storage capacity of 32GB. If this storage space is not enough then a microSD card of up to 128GB can be added to this device. This allows for more music, videos. or photos to be stored in the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Sometimes though accessing the data stored in the microSD card can be tricky especially if the card gets some bad sectors. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 4 not accessing data in microSD card issue and other related problems.

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Note 4 Pictures In microSD Card Corrupted

Problem: Recently, I have bought a new 64GB SD card. But after inserting it into my Note 4 I have noticed that some pictures which were uploaded just where corrupted and does not appear anymore in my gallery. In additional, I have problem with screen response when trying to unlock it. I have to press either lock or home button at least five times to make it lit. However, the overall performance of the phone is fast and same as it used to be before. So, I am not sure how to fix it? I have not formatted my SD card, yet.

Solution: If the some of the photos stored in the microSD card can’t be accessed then they may have become corrupted. This could be caused by bad sectors in the microSD. You should however check first if the problem is not caused by some form of corrupt data in your phone by wiping its cache partition. Since you are also experiencing a lag issue when unlocking your phone I suggest you also try to do a factory reset if wiping the cache partition fails to resolve both issues. Make sure to backup your phone data before proceeding.

If you still can’t view the photos stored in the microSD card after a factory reset then take out the card and have your computer read it. If the photos can’t be viewed by your computer then you should backup any data that is stored in the card then format it. While formatting the card can fix this problem the it is still best to get a new microSD card.

Note 4 Not Accessing Data In microSD Card

Problem: Some of My Apps go dim and not accessible.  I found after checking storage that my SD Card was calling for insert Card. I power down and removed SD card , checked it with PC and the PC (adapter) would not recognize the SD Card existed. Inserted another card in phone and it showed up under storage. Funny thing, all files & pictures are needed. Also, the apps work sometimes and sometimes they do not. Any suggestions on getting my files / pictures from this 32gb Sandisk?

Solution: If the card can’t be detected then there’s very little hope of retrieving the data stored in the card unless you hire some professional data recovery company to do the task. This may be an expensive option if the files you need to retrieve are not that important.

The next option is to use a data recovery software on your computer. While the free versions have limited capabilities the paid version of these apps may be able to retrieve the data however this is chance of this working is still very slim.

What I suggest is for you to try using another microSD adapter or card reader. You should also try using a different computer to read the card.

Note 4 Can’t Read microSD Card After Copying Private Mode Folder

Problem: I accidentally copy private mode folder from my internal phone memory to the external micro sd card. Afterwards, the sd card is unreadable in my pc as. In my phone it says ‘SD card is blank or has unsupported file system’. I know the problem is the private folder that I copy to my sd card. But how do I have access to it to delete it? I use fingerprint to protect that private folder initially. Much thanks!

Solution: Copying the private mode folder to your microSD card should not normally cause damage to it. What probably happened is that the file allocation table may have been corrupted. If you don’t have any important data stored in the microSD card then you can insert the card back to your phone then format it.

Note 4 microSD Card Removed Error

Problem: Keeps saying removed sd card..or there’s a notification w picture of card and exclamation mark or it..or it’ll tell  me to remove it .

Solution: Turn off your phone the take out the microSD card. Have your computer read the microSD card. If the card can be read then copy its contents to a folder in your computer. Go back to your phone and wipe its cache partition. Carefully inspect the microSD card slot of your phone for any sign of dirt or debris. If necessary clean it using a can of compressed air.  Reinsert the microSD card. Check if the error message still appears. If it does then I suggest you format the microSD card using your phone. Take note that if you moved some of your downloaded apps to the microSD card they will become inaccessible. I suggest you uninstall these apps first before formatting the card. Once the format has been complete check if the error still appears. If the error still appears then backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

If at this point the issue remains unresolved then you should get a new card as the card you are using may be defective already.

Note 4 microSD Card Data Gets Lost After Contact With iOMount

Problem: I take my micro SD card out to install music. I also recently bought an iOMount to use my phone while riding my bike. It is a magnetic connection.  I have used my phone a few times with this device and it seems to wipe out my SD card.  I looked on the internet and it says that magnets won’t erase the card.  My card eventually comes back and is usable a few hours later but it seems too coincidental that it erases every time I use the iomount.  Could it be the card?

Solution: A magnet will not affect your microSD card since these are immune to magnetic fields. There may be another factor involved which is causing this issue.Try not to use your iOmount for a couple of days and see if the issue still occurs.

Note 4 Lag Even After Moving Apps To microSD Card

Problem: I have moved everything from apps to pictures to my SD card and still my device storage is full and causing the os to lag. Please help and Thank you in advance.

Solution: Moving the apps to the microSD card is not enough to eliminate the lag and the storage space issue of your device. What you need to do is to eliminate the temporary data of your phone first by wiping its cache partition. If you have any photos, videos, or music files stored in your phone’s internal storage then you should also move this to the microSD card to make space in your phone.

To address the lag issue you should check how many apps are running in the background. If you have lots of apps running that you don’t really use then you should consider uninstalling them. These apps that are running uses up your phone RAM and as the RAM decreases the performance of your phone also decreases.

Note 4 Low Storage Issue

Problem: I am having low memory issues. I bought a micro sd, and i just assumed the Android OS would recognize it and start using it as expanded memory. Do i need to do anything to activate it, or maybe should i transfer the heavier apps to the card individually?

Solution: You need to manually transfer your phone data to the microSD card. This data includes photos, videos, and music files. You can also move the apps installed in your phone to the microSD card if the app allows you to.

If you constantly take pictures or record videos then set your camera to save the photos or videos taken from the internal storage to the microSD card.

Finally, to free up more space in your device I suggest you wipe its cache partition.

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