Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Facebook App Freezes & Other Related Issues

The biggest social network right now is Facebook which  boasts of a monthly active user base of nearly 1.5 billion monthly. One contributing factor to this is that this network can be accessed in almost any device. If you own the #Samsung Galaxy #Note 4 then you can access your Facebook account using the browser or through the Facebook app, the latter being the recommended method.

There are however instances when accessing Facebook using the app has some problems. This is what we will be dealing with today as we tackle the Note 4 Facebook app freezes & other related issues.

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Note 4 Facebook App Freezes

Problem: When I try to read an article on facebook, the article loads (slowly) and after I’ve read a section and scroll down or try to move to the next page, the screen freezes for around 10 seconds, then the screen goes white. I have to press the home button a few times to get out to the home screen and sometimes that doesn’t work. I have to shut off the phone. It’s been doing this for months and I can’t take it anymore! Help!

Solution: Try to determine first if this is an app related problem by clearing the cache and data of your Facebook app. You will need to login again once this is done.

If the problem still persists then proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone.

You should also try to uninstall the app then download and install it again from the Google Play Store.

If the above troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue then backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the factory reset is complete download the Facebook app first then check if you are still having issues with it.

Note 4 Facebook Freezes

Problem: Facebook freezes when open an article, survey, or pretty much anything. I took battery out for soft reset and it still does it.

Solution: This is a similar problem from the one we addressed above. The first thing you need to do is to clear the cache and data of the Facebook app to eliminate any cached data problem that may be causing this issue. You should also follow this up by wiping the cache partition of your phone.

If the freezing issue is only isolated to the Facebook app then I suggest you uninstall this app and reinstall it again from the Google Play Store if the issue persists.

Note 4 Freezing Facebook App

Problem: Constantly freezing while on facebook. Every single time I’m on it. I’ve followed all your trouble shooting ideas and it continues. Please help I’m frustrated.

Solution:  If you have already followed all the troubleshooting steps then you need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the factory reset is complete take out the microSD card of your phone (if you have one installed) then download the Facebook app first. Check if the issue still persists.

Note 4 Not Sending Pictures Or Text In Facebook

Problem: I am unable to send pictures or text to Facebook

Solution: Try to check if your phone is connected to the Internet either through a Wi-Fi connection or to a mobile data connection. If your phone can access the Internet and you are still having this issue then try to uninstall the Facebook app then download a fresh version from the Google Play Store.

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