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Rumor: Samsung prepping 3D Touch like feature for its phones

Galaxy Note 4

Synaptics and #Samsung have been long term partners and have been involved in the touch based fingerprint sensors that’s used on the recent lot of the #Galaxy flagships. With Synaptics recently releasing its new ClearForce tech that can detect pressure levels on a display panel, the rumor mill is rife with speculation that this feature could be implemented in a future Samsung device.

However, Samsung or Synaptics haven’t confirmed this as of yet, so we’re taking it with a large grain of salt for now. But it wouldn’t come across as a surprise given what we’ve seen from Android OEMs in the past.

A feature like this could let manufacturers build features within devices that would allow users to alter a function or feature depending on the amount of pressure/force they’re applying on the display. We saw Huawei teasing the 3D Touch feature recently during one of its keynote addresses, so it’s not inconceivable to see an Android OEM like Samsung jumping on board the bandwagon.

Would you like a feature like this on your future Samsung flagship? Let us know in the comments section below.


Via: Sam Mobile

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