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Qualcomm refutes reports of the Snapdragon 820 overheating

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

The #Qualcomm #Snapdragon820 is expected to be available in the markets by sometime next year. Amidst reports of the chipset being a power performer, some reports have even mentioned that it’s suffering from the same overheating issues that plagued the #Snapdragon810 chipset.

The company has now responded to these allegations in a post on Chinese social network Weibo, claiming that the Snapdragon 820 has no such issues and that the company will continue to enhance the chipset as planned. The first Snapdragon 820 devices are expected to be revealed sometime in Q1 2016, so we just have a few more months to wait before we get a clearer answer on how efficient the chipset will be.

It has already been rumored that Samsung and a variety of other manufacturers are already contemplating the release of smartphones with Snapdragon 820 chipsets in time for early 2016. Given how the Snapdragon 810 received the cold shoulder from most manufacturers, Qualcomm will be relieved to know that it won’t be the case with the new chipset.

Source: Weibo

Via: G For Games

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