Over 15 million customers affected by the T-Mobile/Experian data breach


#TMobile and #Experian have announced that a massive data breach has compromised vital user information like names, addresses and social security numbers (even despite encryption). It is said that nearly 15 million customers of the carrier are impacted by this, which will surely lead to some sleepless nights for the higher ups in the company as well as the customers, obviously.

Customers who ran a credit check before getting a T-Mobile connection between September 1, 2013 to September 16, 2015 are reportedly affected. This essentially means that a lot of the new customers that T-Mobile has gathered over the past two years are vulnerable now.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the following in a detailed statement – “Obviously I am incredibly angry about this data breach and we will institute a thorough review of our relationship with Experian, but right now my top concern and first focus is assisting any and all consumers affected. I take our customer and prospective customer privacy VERY seriously. This is no small issue for us. I do want to assure our customers that neither T-Mobile’s systems nor network were part of this intrusion and this did not involve any payment card numbers or bank account information.”

I’m frankly appalled and shocked by this new revelation and can only imagine the plight of the customers now. Are you one of these unfortunate customers? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: T-Mobile, Experian

Via: Droid Life

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