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OnePlus To Announce A New Device On October 12 In India

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While the verdict is still out if OnePlus made a “flagship killer” with the OnePlus 2, the company continues on. OnePlus has announced that on October 12 in India, they will be announcing the “next big step” for that market.

OnePlus naturally isn’t saying what they are going to unveil, but current rumors are pointing to that device possibly being the OnePlus Mini. That device is rumored to have a screen of 5″ in size running on top of a MediaTek Helio X10 SoC. The rumored equivalent price for such a device is $249.

However, OnePlus’s CEO Pete Lau posted the following image to his Weibo account (where he goes by his Chinese name, Liu ZuoHu). Based on the image, it suggests that instead of being called the OnePlus Mini, the device could be called the OnePlus X. Also based on the image, OnePlus could introduce a fitness band of their own.

OnePlus X Tease

OnePlus has been heavily focused on the Indian market lately, now offering customers who live in Bengaluru and order a OnePlus One to get it under an hour for free. And much like some pizza delivery options, if you don’t get the phone in under an hour, all costs will be waived and the phone will be free as well.

OnePlus’s event is on Monday, so we should know then what their new plans for the Indian market are. What do you think OnePlus will introduce?

Source: Weibo via Android Central

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