OnePlus 2 reservations to shut down on October 22

OnePlus 2

While a #OnePlus2 invite is very hard to come by, the company makes it relatively easier on the users by letting them reserve an invite. Naturally, the list is quite long and had crossed millions right after it was made public. And in order to avoid the number from growing any larger and disappointing hopeful customers, OnePlus has now decided to stop taking invite reservations from October 22 onwards.

This means that after the date, users will not be able to sign up their email to receive an invite when it becomes available. The good news however is that the list will remain locked, which means that your position in the list will remain the same and you will move higher as more invites are sent out to the customers. So it’s not all bad news.

Beyond October 22, OnePlus will hold contests and offer other means to send invitations to the customers, so there is still some hope. Of course, there’s still about six days to go before the doors shut down for good, so you can sign up by then to leave your name on the invite list.


Source: OnePlus