New Porsche 911 skipping Android Auto over data access issue

Porsche 911

While most car manufacturers are jumping on the #AndroidAuto bandwagon, some are seemingly taking exception. Luxury car maker #Porsche is one of them apparently. A new report suggests that the manufacturer decided to skip on Google’s Android Auto console for the 2017 Porsche 911 model over data access related issues.

According to Porsche, Android Auto was asking for too much data which supposedly led to Porsche dropping the idea altogether. It is said that Google asks for various car related metrics like vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temperature, engine revs etc, which has obviously not gone down well with the folks at Porsche.

Further, it is said that the company has no problem with Apple’s #CarPlay system and will be using it with the next-gen Porsche 911. It is said that CarPlay only needs to know if the car is stationary or moving while it’s in use.

Sports car enthusiasts, are you disappointed with the exclusion of Android Auto on the Porsche 911?

Source: Motor Trend

Via: 9to5Google

Image Courtesy: Telegraph UK