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New Google Maps update will let you add directions to the nearest gas stations during navigation

Google Maps

While #GoogleMaps already allows you to navigate to the nearest gas stations, it always meant that users had to exit their primary navigation and find routes there separately. But thanks to a new update, Google will soon allow you to add gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores etc to your ongoing navigation without breaking away from the primary destination.

As illustrated in the screenshot above, there will be a new search button on the top right section of the app which will let you look for gas stations or grocery stores and so on. Selecting either of the options there will add to your current navigation and give you details on the detour that you will have to take. This is a much needed addition to Maps and will make your navigating experience much better.

There’s no word on when exactly the update will roll out to Android users, but these features should be hitting devices with the next major update to Maps.

Source: Google

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