New app by ASUS lets you design custom watch face for your ZenWatch

Android Wear - Face Designer

Customization is one of the strong suits of #AndroidWear and a new app for the #ASUS #ZenWatch takes it to the next level. Known as FaceDesigner, this app lets users design watch faces for the ZenWatch wearable, giving it that personal touch. Customers get to pick from up to 5 different watch face styles here and can customize the font, backgrounds, colors and practically everything that you find the need to change.

It is hoped that more designs or themes will be added overtime, but for now the choices are quite limited. Naturally, the app is an exclusive to ZenWatch users, so customers of any other Android Wear smartwatch are missing out here.

The FaceDesigner app is a free download from the Play Store and hence proves to be a viable alternative to the plethora of watch face apps out there (most of them paid). It is expected that other Android Wear hardware manufacturers will soon follow suit with apps like these of their own.

Hit the link below to download the app on your smartphone paired with the ZenWatch.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Authority