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Latest model of the Amazon Fire TV with 4K support now shipping to customers

Amazon Fire TV

#Amazon announced the new-gen #FireTV console less than three weeks ago. The device is now shipping out to customers who pre-ordered the device, so expect to have it at your doorsteps by today or tomorrow depending on the kind of delivery you have chosen.

If you didn’t pre-order the device, you can get it now for $99.99 with one day shipping currently available. As for the features, the Fire TV is easily the best home set-top-box available in the market today and supports 4K streaming out of the box, something that is missing from most contemporaries out there.

Amazon is also offering a gaming edition Fire TV, which will come with a controller and cost you about $40 more. Overall, it’s all very good value and you can’t go wrong with either model. The new Fire TV also comes with the smart and innovative Alexa voice assistant. This is also seen on the Amazon Echo which is basically a voice command centric device.

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