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Google releases new Who’s Down app to catch up with friends who are nearby

Google Who's Down

#Google has just released the new Who’s Down application on #Android letting you catch up with friends who might be around you. The app is currently invite only, but you can request for one after you download the app and register using your email address. The app is currently limited to just a few regions, so don’t be surprised if the Play Store mentions that it’s incompatible with your devices.

As for the functionality, it’s pretty self explanatory really. You can set yourself as available and find if the friends nearby happen to be available as well and meet them up. Communication is done using the chat window, so there’s nothing unique or out of the ordinary here. Once you switch on the toggle to be shown as available, it will only last for three hours and you will have to manually turn it on again.

There’s a large market for apps such as this, so we’re not surprised that Google has decided to tap into it. You can download it from the link below and request for an invite if you don’t have one already.

Source: Google Play Store

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