Google Play Store app on Galaxy Note lags, other app problems


Are you wondering why your new #GalaxyNote5 struggles to load an app, or even freezes and crashes everytime you work an app? Our article today may give you the solutions you are looking for.

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We’ve been receiving app-related queries from some members of our community lately so we are posting them here for you:

  1. How to sync Outlook and Exchange to Galaxy Note 5
  2. Music downloader app not working on Galaxy Note 5
  3. Modern Combat 5 app on Galaxy Note 5
  4. Galaxy Note 5 wallpaper keeps changing by itself
  5. Google Play Store app on Galaxy Note lags and freezes
  6. Email app on Galaxy Note 5 not syncing all folders
  7. Galaxy Note 5 lag issue

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Problem #1: How to sync Outlook and Exchange to Galaxy Note 5

I use Outlook Tasks and Notes to sync with MS Exchange in my office. I notice a few problems:

  1. Contacts don’t seem to sync properly…it seems that changes on the phone don’t go back to Exchange/Outlook? However, a contact that originates on the phone seems to work just fine? I have 2 folders of contacts…1 with personal and 1 with business contacts.
  2. The note field of the contact from Outlook seems to get truncated on the phone? Is this a limitation of the phone or app?
  3. I use Outlook tasks (sync thru Exchange). There is no resident app in Android for tasks. I seemed to have found a pretty robust app called Tasks & Notes 10.10.6 that will bring these to the Android phone.  Seems to recognize the various folders as well.
  4. Considering the problem with contacts and also the difficulty that the build in app has with multiple folders for contacts, I wonder if the solution is using a different app for sync of all of the outlook functions: email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes?  Something like the Tasks & Notes 10.10.6 that I had stumbled on. Is there something you could recommend or should I be really dealing with setting on the current built-in apps?

Many Thanks – Larry 

Solution: Hi Larry. You have posted valid questions here but they (questions 1, 2, and 3) are best addressed by the developer of Task and Notes app itself. If you are paying for this productivity app, they will most likely entertain your questions and may even improve their product based on your feedback or recommendation.

Microsoft’s Exchange and Outlook are products primarily designed to work on personal computers and only recently evolved to work with mobiles of different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc). Even then, Microsoft is yet to build one that will incorporate all Outlook functions into a single mobile application. The current Outlook app for Android is obviously deficient in this regard at this time.

So to answer your final question, yes , you are still required to download a number of apps to be able to replicate your PC Exchange/Outlook experience on your Android device.

The Outlook for Android app is a good one to start with if you want to port your Microsoft product experience to your S6. For other Outlook functions, we think Task and Notes is a pretty decent app to stick to as well.

Problem #2: Music downloader app not working on Galaxy Note 5

Any music downloader apps i download to my phone won’t work. One of my favorites that i use on many Android phones that i have prior worked just fine. It gives me “no results” on all apps that i download. The reason i choose Android over iPhone are the free music download. Please help. — Kimmie

Solution: Hi Kimmie. The downloader app you’ve tried so far may not yet be fully compatible with the new Note 5. Try to contact the developer to let them know about the situation.

Problem #3: Modern Combat 5 app on Galaxy Note 5

My issue is I got the new Note 5 I saved all my games to Google Google+. Whatever it is now I only play 3 games: Unkilled, the new Need for Speed, & Modern Combat 5. All progress was saved in all but Modern Combat 5. It has something to do with Facebook. I get an error message saying it’s not connected to Facebook.

Please someone help me. I’ve put a lot into that game & lots of $.

How do I get my progress back for Modern Combat 5 Blackout. You did everything else saved but MC5 please help thanks. — Brian

Solution: Hi Brian. The general rule of thumb when it comes to saving game progress, especially if you have already invested a lot of time, effort, and money, is never to keep it locally. This is to prevent losing everything in the event of sudden phone failure, or if you lose physical access to your phone.  You have to make sure that the game is associated with an online account capable of saving the progress remotely (via cloud service). Most games, especially paid ones, offer this feature but we are not sure if it is available on Modern Combat 5.

Your question is app-specific so the best party that can help you is the developer of Modern Combat 5. You will find the contact details of the developer at the bottom of the page.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 5 wallpaper keeps changing by itself

My wallpaper keeps changing by itself. I set it AGAIN, & it keeps replacing itself with backgrounds that I have been selecting, but I’m quite sure I have changed it back at least 8 times now! !! — Tara

Solution: Hi Tara. How do you change the wallpaper on your phone? Are you using a third party app to change it? If yes, try to re-install that app and observe the phone again.

This issue may also be caused by a faulty third party application. If you have a lot of apps, try to boot the phone in safe mode to determine if our hunch is correct. Safe mode, also known as diagnostic mode, prevents third party apps from running. Here’s how to boot your Note 5 in safe mode:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • Once ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • The phone will restart but keep the Vol Down button pressed.
  • Once the phone has finished restarting, ‘Safe mode’ will be display in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • You may now release the Volume Down button.

Let the phone run in safe mode for a couple of days. If the issue fails to occur, continue your troubleshooting by removing apps individually. Do it until the issue is gone.

Problem #5: Google Play Store app on Galaxy Note lags and freezes

Hi. I am having problem when I want to open my Play Store to download any new application. It showed blank screen and take very long time to show all the previous apps that I have downloaded before. It was very lagging. I can’t even view all the apps that I downloaded before.

Before this problem, I just transferred my photos from my laptop to my Samsung Note 5. After that, i realised that Picasa album was installed into my Gallery. I did managed to remove the Picasa album from my Gallery after did some setting. — Janice

Solution: Hi Janice. Try to delete the data of Google Play Store app. These are the steps how to do it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Look for Google Play Store app.
  • From there, you will see the Clear Data button.

Problem #6: Email app on Galaxy Note 5 not syncing all folders

Hi. I just got my Galaxy Note 5 and i setup my email accounts with the stock mail app. I’m receiving notifications for new emails but i noticed that it’s only for my Inbox. I have several folders and i have an email rule in my email provider to move certain emails from a specific sender to a folder that i choose. This is just to organize my emails. But the stock email app is not syncing or fetching those emails from my folders. I need to manually visit the folder in order for the mail app to sync the folder. And this is just time consuming for me to manually visit each folder just to check if there are new emails.

I already researched Google for a work around but i can’t find any. I was using iPhone before and there is an option in iPhones Mail app to sync my folders and it works fine. But with the Galaxy Note 5 mail app, that option doesn’t exists. I’m a switcher from iOS to Android but this lack of feature is not making me happy… I’m using iCloud as my email provider. I have properly set it up as IMAP. But the folder synching just doesn’t work. Is there a way to do it with Android? Can you help me please so that i’l stay with Android? Thank you. — Dominic

Solution: Hi Dominic. Note 5’s stock email app has been reported to not work properly, and it looks like Samsung is yet to patch it. Instead of using that app though, consider utilizing the many other free email apps from Google Play Store. You can start with these apps to see which of them works best for you:

  • Email Type Mail
  • Nine
  • Aqua Mail
  • Cloud Magic
  • Blue Mail

Problem #7: Galaxy Note 5 lag issue

The device have powerful specs! Why there is still lag in Samsung devices. I am a Samsung fan since they release the Galaxy S2. Every year i say to myself this year they will master it but nothing changed.

My device lags when I open an email with attached pictures and sometimes I press the home key to wake the device and use my fingerprint to unlock. It takes maybe 10 sec to be responsive again. I did a format but still same issues.

Do Samsung know about it? Is there any solutions?

Please note that I know how to use Android system to the max and disable unneeded apps and always close my open apps.

I think this is my last device from Samsung. — Bino

Solution: You can either troubleshoot your phone to narrow down the possible causes, or request for a replacement unit. Slow performance issues on an Android phone can be due to a number of factors but they can be broken down to either software or hardware. We recommend that you do the basic software troubleshooting first.

If you are 100% positive that there are no firmware- or app-related reasons for the lag, get a replacement.

Alternatively, you can contact Samsung directly and let them know about the specific problem you are having.



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