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Google Photos has 100 million monthly users just five months since launch

Google Photos

#GooglePhotos was a runaway hit since it was launched roughly five months ago. People started turning to Google Photos with the main allure being unlimited storage (for sized down images) and the seamless syncing between web and mobile, thanks to the cloud. This service is so popular in fact that Google has announced there are nearly 100 million monthly users of the service ever since it was unveiled earlier this year.

This is quite a number and goes to show how many users rely on the service for their photos and videos on a regular basis. Google Photos lets you create albums and can automatically characterize images based on the places you’ve been to or by cleverly listing the people in a particular photo/album. Although this particular aspect landed Google in some controversy, it was soon to be rectified.

The fact that Google Photos is a free service for both Android and iOS users makes it a must have for people with a lot of photos to backup. Are you a user of Google Photos? Share your experience in the comments section below.


Source: Google Blog

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