First OnePlus 2 open sale to be held on October 12

OnePlus 2

The #OnePlus2 is hard to come by, thanks to the company’s invite only system. And it seems like the company has understood that this could be somewhat bad for its reputation as it has now announced an open sale for Monday, October 12. The sale will be held all over the world in different times depending on the region you’re in. North American customers will be able to get the device between 12:00-1:00PM PDT​ (3:00-4:00PM Eastern Time).

Asian customers can get the smartphone between 12:00-1:00PM HKT (Hong Kong Time), while hopeful European buyers can get the device between 12:00-1:00PM CEST. Fans in India will also be able to get the smartphone between 12:00PM to 1:00PM local time. Clearly, OnePlus wants the device to be available at the right time so that users don’t miss out on the action.

At this point, the company hasn’t clarified if the device will be available in limited quantities, but knowing OnePlus’ history, we won’t be surprised if it is. Make sure you mark your calendars if you’re yet to get your hands on the OnePlus 2.

Source: OnePlus Forums