Facebook new ‘Reactions’ will let you respond to posts via emojis


#Facebook appears to be very keen on making some new changes to its core structure. While Likes have become a global phenomenon solely due to Facebook, the social media giant is now said to be tinkering around with something known as ‘Reactions’ which will let you respond emotively to a post or a status update rather than simply liking it.

This will allow users to express their feelings about something more expressively, where a post might incite anger, the angry emoticon could be appropriate. It was believed that the company was working on a dislike button for Facebook, but this seems to be a much better bet given the range of emotions it can convey.

This means that the much talked about dislike button has finally been dropped by Facebook in favor of this. It is said to be currently in testing and should become mainstream in the days to come. Given the amount of test runs that these features go through, users might have to wait a while to see it in action.

Do you welcome this addition?

Source: Facebook (Video)

Via: Engadget

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