Facebook giving its employees slower internet to empathize with the developing world

Facebook Internet#Facebook has now announced a new optional initiative called “2G Tuesdays” in its campuses to ground its employees back to reality and better understand how some regions still don’t have access to faster internet. The speeds will be on par with what is seen in the developing countries of the world, including some parts of India.

The speeds will be reduced for just one hour and since it’s an optional exercise, those who don’t feel like won’t have to take part in the process. This is a very commendable step by Facebook and goes to show that despite being a giant in the industry, the company is very keen on bringing itself back to reality and understand how the internet is not the same across the world.

Whether or not this will be enough to inspire the employees is only for time to tell, but we don’t see a reason why it won’t succeed. What do you think about this move by Facebook?

Source: Business Insider

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