Developers can now push Android app updates for all at once

Android Dev

#Android app updates are done over the air and it usually goes pretty smoothly. But in most cases, we see that updates only go live in some areas with some users being made to wait. There could now be an end to this thanks to the change in the support documents made by Google which talks of a simultaneous update rollout for their apps. This means that practically everybody around the world could receive an app update with the press of the ‘Go Live’ button.

This is only applicable for existing apps though and not new applications that have just made their way to the Play Store. You can find the entire document on Google’s page below, but make sure you look for hidden caveats, if any.

Developers would like to have a scheduled update rollout feature, wherein they can set the timing for the update to be sent out. However, that feature doesn’t exist in the current form. But it shouldn’t be long before Google allows such a feature as well.

Source: Google Support

Via: AusDroid