Cortana on Android now supports “Hey Cortana” voice commands


The open nature of #Android allows third party manufacturers to release apps which are in theory quite identical to some of Google’s own apps. Take Microsoft’s #Cortana for example. This app has been available on Android for quite some time now and has been doing pretty much the same things as #GoogleNow, but sans the native support.

Well, the Cortana app on Android has now been updated to pick up your voice. A simple “Hey Cortana” will enable hotword detection on the app and will instantly enable Cortana to help you with your queries. In theory, this is how Google Now works as well, so we won’t be surprised if the folks at the Android team are a little annoyed by this new update.

Regardless, the app will continue to grow unless Google specifically decides to take it down from the Play Store, which will not set a healthy precedent anyway. Are you a user of Cortana on Android? If not, make sure you register yourself as a tester from the source link below to get access to the app.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Pocketnow