CEO of ASUS suggests third gen Nexus 7 could be a reality

Nexus 7

#Google took a major step last year when it decided to go with HTC’s #Nexus9 as the preferred tablet for the year. This came as a surprise to many as it also meant that the company’s partnership with ASUS came to an end. However, according to the CEO of the Taiwanese company, there might just be a third gen Nexus 7 tablet on the horizon.

He obviously didn’t divulge information on when this device will be launched, but that’s simply because he doesn’t know it himself. He said that the company is still in talks with Google as to how to potentially improve the third gen Nexus 7 from the 2013 model. This is said to be the biggest obstacle for the company right now.

He also noted how the tablet market is in decline right now, which doesn’t make us too optimistic about the third gen Nexus tablet coming to fruition anytime soon. But with that being said, the fact that the Chairman is even considering the idea means that there could be something after all.

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