AT&T NumberSync lets you use one phone number across various devices

AT&T NumberSync

AT&T has just introduced a potential hit service called #NumberSync. As most of you might have guessed by now, this allows users to seamlessly operate multiple devices using just one phone number. This negates the need to get a separate number for every device.

This means you can carry your SIM compatible smartwatch (like the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition) and operate it even if the smartphone is not within range. Since this is a network feature, devices don’t need to be connected over Bluetooth. This is quite an interesting feature and will make the lives of the subscribers a whole lot easier.

The carrier mentions that this feature will be supported by tables as well. AT&T has promised to bring more devices with NumberSync in time for the Holidays. Until then, it seems like only the new Watch Urbane will be compatible with this feature.

What do you make of NumberSync? Does it strike your fancy?

Source: AT&T

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