Android 6.0 Easter Egg includes a rejigged version of last year’s Flappy Bird type game

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Easter Egg

Users of #Android 6.0 will find that the Easter Egg has been slightly revamped compared to Android 5.0, which also means that there will be a new game underneath. Last year, we saw the introduction of a new #FlappyBird like game which revolved around balancing a flying Droid over and under obstacles.

This year’s Easter Egg game is similar in theory but comes with a new design that is fitting for the OS version. Marshmallow sticks will now block the Droid’s path and you will have to skip over them.

What’s better is that Google is also introducing multiplayer support for the very first time, letting up to 6 users jump in on the action. Users will be divided by different colored Droids, which can be a fun activity if you have a tablet or a large device.

With Android 6.0 still somewhat new and yet to make its way to most devices, it might take some time before users find this on their devices, but it’s good to know as fans that Google is making these little changes to its software.

Via: Mobile Syrup