Amazon Music update enables Android Wear support

Amazon Music

The #AmazonMusic with #PrimeMusic app has just been updated to version 4.6.6 on the #Google #PlayStore, which brings support for #AndroidWear smartwatches. This will finally bring the ability to pause, play as well as skip tracks right from your wearable, without having to take out your smartphone.

The update also introduces a couple of nifty features such as “New to Prime” and “Popular” letting you browse through some of the content that might have otherwise skipped your eye. Another major addition with the update is the ability to save songs to your microSD card. Overall, this is a very welcome update to the Amazon Music app and will let Amazon Prime users get the best out of it.

The update has started rolling out already, but it might take its time to reach all devices. So don’t lose patience if you don’t find it on the Play Store right away. However, if you’re seeing the update already, make sure you let us know how you find it.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

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