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Xiaomi reveals Mi Bluetooth Speakers for just over $30

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speakers

Right after #Xiaomi announced the Mi 4c smartphone earlier today, they also had a Bluetooth speaker to show during the event. The Mi Bluetooth Speaker comes with an all metal design and peppy color options, while there’s also support for the standard set of music controls. The addition of a mic makes it suitable for answering phone calls as well.

The company has even added a microSD card slot in there for good measure, so you don’t necessarily have to pair your smartphone to the device for music playback. The device is supposedly capable of lasting 8 hours with music playback thanks to its 1,500 mAh battery on board. At 270 grams, Xiaomi has ensured that the speakers are portable and easy to carry around.

As for the speakers themselves, it has dual 36mm drivers with NdFeB magnets, Ferrotec FRM4005 Ferro Fluid cooling technology, Avnera AV3102 chip to maintain tonal balance and DSP processing support up to 19 PEQ segments.

The real highlight though is the pricing of these speakers. It has been priced at 199 CNY which is about $31, making it an incredibly cheap device. Unfortunately, it seems like the device won’t make its way out of China anytime soon, so getting it through third party sources is your only choice at the moment.

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