Verizon is reportedly releasing a video streaming service this week

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With #Netflix currently ruling the roost as far as video streaming is concerned, it seems like #Verizon wants to throw its hat in the ring as well. A new report indicates that the carrier could be looking to release its own video streaming service this week known as Go90. It is said that this will be a mobile-only offering although the carrier wants to bring it to the bigger screens in the future.

This service will also host live events in addition to original programming and TV shows, the report says. The carrier is supposedly teaming up with Discovery, the NFL Network, ESPN, Food Network, Comedy Central etc while online content providers like AwesomenessTV, Vice, Tastemade and Machinima will also be included apparently.

The carrier is also said to have a social aspect tied to it by allowing users to share clips on sites like Facebook and Twitter, while Google+ is believed to be missing from the list. The acquisition of AOL will help a great deal in bringing some popular online content under its umbrella, so this could shape up to be a decent video streaming offering.

Will you be interested in a service such as this?

Source: Go90

Via: The New York Times

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  1. As video streaming is on rise. There are many brands who are currently planning to focus on video streaming business. Just like last month, Streamhash launched their video streaming services worldwide.

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