Troubleshooting The Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Recognizing The microSD Card Issue

There are only a few smartphone models out in the market that can make use of a 128GB microSD card. One such model is the #Samsung Galaxy #S5. This model which comes with either a 16GB or 32GB of internal storage can make use of the 128GB card. So if you own the 32GB #GalaxyS5 you can further increase the storage capacity to 160GB. This gives you more room to save your HD videos, music, photos, and other data.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes though using a microSD can bring some issues to a device. There are instances when the phone can’t access the data stored in the card or does not recognize the card at all. If you happen to have some important data stored in the card then you better make sure to have a backup copy somewhere if you experience this type of issue.

In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will resolve the S5 not recognizing the microSD card issue.

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S5 Not Recognizing 64GB microSD Card

Problem: I got a new Samsung EVO 64GB SD card for my new Samsung Galaxy S5 but it won’t mount. It can’t recognise it is inserted. The card works on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I tried using a 16GB SDHC Kingston card on the S5 but then it says “blank SD card” or “unsupported files”. I tried formatting the 64GB SD card to full format exfat using both a programme SD Formatter and my computer formatting option. It won’t recognise. Is my new phone the problem?

Solution: If the 64GB card is detected on your Galaxy S4 but not by your Galaxy S5 then something may be wrong with the S5 as even the 16GB microsD card can’t be detected.

To troubleshoot this issue you should first inspect the microSD slot of your phone and see if there is any noticeable dirt or lint. If possible, use a can of compressed air on it to blow any possible foreign matter that may be causing this problem.

If the microSD card still can’t be read you should proceed with checking the phone software. In this case it is best to do a backup of your phone data and immediately proceed with a factory reset from the recovery mode.

If after the factory reset the issue still persists then this may already be a hardware related problem. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 128GB microSD Card Not Storing Photos

Problem: I’ve purchased a 128GB Samsung SD card for Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It seems to be failing to store the pics on the SD card. I can’t see the picture in the phone. When i copied the pictures to my laptop and open the pictures with ‘Windows Photo Viewer’ it gives the message  ‘Windows Photo Viewer can’t open the picture because the file appears to be damaged,corrupted, or is too large.’ Please let me know on how I can recover the pics!

Solution: It appears the photos may already be corrupt. You can try to use a PC file recovery software and see if the photos can be recovered. Although I had little luck when I tried such software ( I used the free versions) you can try using the paid versions and see if that helps. Just search the Internet for the popular choices that are known to work.

If your photos can’t be recovered by a file recovery software then they are as good as lost.

Going back to the issue with your microSD card you may want to give it another shot by formatting the card from your phone then checking if the issue still persists. If it does then you may have bought a faulty card. See if you can have the microSD card replaced or better yet, get a new one.

S5 Not Recognizing microSD Card

Problem: After the new update I noticed my sd card was unmounted. So I turned phone off and took battery out etc and tried to mount the sd card when the phone powered back on. But now the phone doesn’t recognize the microSD card at all so I use the adapter put it in the pc and all my songs showed up just fine put the sd card in another phone and it still worked great but when I put back into my galaxy s5 it doesn’t read anything. I’ve formated the sd card I did a factory reset on my phone and still nothing so I bought a new 32 Samsung Evo sd card and from the package to phone it went and phone still does  not  recognize sd card. What is wrong with my phone what do I need to do ?

Solution: The problem may be with the phone hardware. Try to check the microSD slot of our phone for any signs of dirt or lint. You should also check if there are any damaged pins. Try cleaning the microSD port using a can of compressed air.

If your phone still does not recognize the microSD card then this may already be a hardware problem. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 microSD Card Is Blank

Problem: Sd card cannot be read or says its blank

Solution: What you should do first is take out the microSD card and have your computer read it. You may need to use a microSD card adapter or reader to do this. If your computer can’t read the contents of the microSD then the card has a problem in which case you should replace it. If your computer can read the contents of the microSD card then the phone may have a problem.

The first thing you need to do in troubleshooting the phone is to verify if this is a software related problem. Sometimes a corrupt cached data will cause this issue in which case you should wipe the cache partition of your phone. If this fails to resolve the issue then I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

If the issue persists after doing a factory reset then proceed with checking the hardware side. Unfortunately, there is little to be done when troubleshooting the hardware of your phone save for inspecting the microSD slot. Check for any signs of damages to the pins. You should also check if there are signs of dirt or lint, in which case you should use a can of compressed air on the microSD slot.

The final step that you should do if the issue remains unresolved is to bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

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  1. I have a Galaxy Samsung S5, 16GB Edition. I tried 2 different 32GB external micro SD cards. It recognizes them. They are empty. I format it with the phone. I try to put an app or files onto it and after 22MB or so, it says insufficient space, yet it shows that there is obviously space available. I purchased a brand new EVO 32GB Class 10 MicroSD card thinking maybe my other cards were not working. However, it does the exact same thing. Any assistance would be great.

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