Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Charging Properly

We sometimes take charging a phone for granted since it is such an easy procedure to do. For instance with the #Samsung #GalaxyS5 all that needs to be done is to connect it to its wall charger then the phone will start charging ( of course the wall charger must also be connected to a power outlet). The #S5 with its 2800mAh battery takes around 2-3 hours to get fully charged depending on how much power is left in the phone battery. Sometimes though, issues do arise where the S5 is not charging properly. This is what we will tackle in this latest installment of our troubleshooting series.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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S5 Not Charging Properly

Problem: Hi droid guy, So recently out of the blue my phone decided that it wouldnt charge properly. If the phone is off it recognises the charger then goes to another screen with an empty battery and a yellow warning sign. Altough if i have phone plugged into charge while im using it the charge icon wont be displayed. But what i have found is that after a while of using phone while it is on and plugged in if i turn it off the battery percentage increases as if it is charging. Which leads me to believe it cant be a hardware problem? Is there anything i could do to rectify this? Thank you

Related Problem: My phone will not charge while it is powered on however when i turn it off it goes in and out of charging.  It will flash the charging icon for a second then it will disappear.  

Solution: You should try to check first if this is a software related problem by backing up your phone dtaa then doing a factory reset. Once the factory reset has finished try to check the charging status of your phone. If the problem still persists then this may be hardware related.

The first thing you should check is the charging port of your phone. Inspect it for any signs of dirt or lint. If you spot any then clean it using a can of compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

You should also consider using a different USB cord when charging your phone. This cord is usually the fiirst thing that breaks and you need to make sure that the cord you are using is not causing this problem.

If the issue persists you should try using a different wall charger. You should also consider using a new battery on your phone.

S5 Takes Too Long To Charge

Problem: This is the problem of my samsung galaxy s5 which i have faced from a week back.the phon takes several hours to get fully charged and the charge is finished up to 70 to 60 percent over a night even after all running applications are killed and screen is powere off..lets say,the charge is reduced even after not using i mentioned the phone was workin right a week ago,but at that time it suddenly dint charged,i saw ur video and cleaned the charging port and charger with toothpick but it dint charged and frm the next day .i tried charging and it got charged but took several hours to get fully charged and these all problem of charge finishing fast even after not using phone starts from then..please help me out

Solution: When your phone takes a long time to charge than it usually does then there really is a problem with it. The first thing you should verify is if the USB charging cord you are using is still working properly. This cord gets bent, twisted, and coiled most of the time that sometimes one or more of its wires inside gets cut. This usually causes the charging issue. Try changing the USB cord and see if the issue gets resolved. Make sure to get an original Samsung charging cord that is compatible with your phone.

You should also make sure to charge your phone using the wall charger it came with. Don’t charge your phone through the USB port of your computer or via wireless charging as both these methods will charge your phone slowly. If you are already using the wall charger of your phone then try replacing it with a new one.

Finally, if the problem is still not resolved then you should consider getting a new battery as this may already be a battery related problem.

S5 Does Not Charge

Problem: My boyfriend has had his Galaxy 5 for about 16 months and it’s had zero issues. The other day he plugged it in, woke to the phone’s alarm the next morning, and the next thing he knew, the phone had powered down and stopped charging though it was plugged into a working outlet. When he tried to charge the phone, it would just heat up. He took the phone to the Tmobile store and they said they couldnt help him — the phone didnt respond at all at the store even when they tried a new battery and he didnt have insurance. Later he took it to a cell repair place and they said the entire phone had been fried and wasnt salvageable. Have you encountered this problem with the Galaxy 5? He took great care of the phone (no drops) and still has another few hundred dollars to pay off under Tmobile’s phone payment plan. I’m wondering if this is a common occurrence? Many thanks.

Solution: This type of issue does occur although only rarely. What happened here is that when your phone was charging there may have been a sudden surge of electricity coming from the power outlet. This usually happens when there is a weather disturbance (such as lightning strikes) or because of power fluctuations from your power company. This surge can cause damage to electrical appliances and even more so to electronic devices. One way to avoid this happening again is to use a power surge protector.

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