Tip: You can beam your Hangouts call from one device to another using NFC

Google Hangouts

With #Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, #Google officially offered software support for the NFC feature with the ability to beam content to other devices. And today, five major iterations later, we’re seeing excellent utilization of the feature within one of Google’s core apps.

It is found that users on a #Hangouts call can conveniently transfer the call to another Android device (assuming it has all the same Hangouts accounts) using NFC beaming.

This is a very good feature and could let you switch devices conveniently without breaking the flow of the conversation, although we think there could be a gap of a couple of seconds. The switching is pretty seamless though and all you have to do is tap the two devices together and you will be prompted to accept the beaming.

Unfortunately, some devices without an NFC chip inside (like the OnePlus 2) cannot make use of this feature. This is slightly unfortunate as most new smartphones and even tablets come with NFC. Do you use Hangouts voice calling frequently? What do you make of this feature?

Source: +SteveSolomon – Google+

Via: Phandroid

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