The 2016 Honda Civic is the latest to bring support for Android Auto

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A large number of car manufacturers have teamed up with #Google for the release of #AndroidAuto on their vehicles. #Honda is one of the big names to be involved right from the start, while other companies like #Chevrolet, #Ford, #Hyundai etc are also in the list.

Honda has now officially mentioned that it will bring Android Auto on the 2016 model of the Honda Civic, which is great news as it’s one of the highest selling cars in the U.S. and overseas. Not leaving Apple users out to dry, the Civic will also come with the option of Apple’s CarPlay console.

Android Auto will require users to connect their Android 5.0 running smartphone to the in-car system and then perform tasks that they intend to. This includes playing music, getting your phone notifications delivered and even navigation, which is made all the more easier thanks to the Google Maps support.

For those with recently bought vehicles, manufacturers like Kenwood and Pioneer have their own Android Auto consoles available for purchase separately. So make sure you give those a look if you’re not looking to get a new car anytime soon.

Source: Honda

Via: Android Authority