T-Mobile launches Lifetime Coverage Guarantee for its customers


As an extension of the #TMobile Test Drive program, the carrier has now announced something called the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee, which is essentially the carrier’s way of letting new users try out its service before offering their commitment to the network.

Under this program, new users who are not satisfied with T-Mobile’s service and decide to leave the carrier within 30 days of getting the connection can get the full cost of their device and every other expense reimbursed.

If you decide to leave after 30 days, you will still have to make monthly payments for your device, but the carrier will unlock the device so that it can be used with other networks. T-Mobile will also refund the amount you spent on that month’s service.

This is a very good no-strings attached promotion from the carrier and will certainly appeal to a lot of customers who are looking to jump ships from other networks. If you’re looking to try this out yourself, make sure you head over to a T-Mobile outlet near you and gather more details.

Source: T-Mobile