Solutions for Galaxy S5 overheating issue, other power – related problems

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S5 motherboard

These are the topics in this post:

  1. What to do if you have totally unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S5
  2. Galaxy S5 stuck in download mode
  3. Galaxy S5 only boots in recovery mode
  4. Galaxy S5 overheating issue

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Problem #1: What to do if you have totally unresponsive Samsung Galaxy S5

I’m a maintenance man at apartments. I clean out peoples apartments after a week that they leave to give them time to go back and get the things they still want out of their apartment. The stuff they leave, we donate. And well, while cleaning out one apartment, i found a Galaxy S5 inside an empty dresser with newpapers and trash. I figured something was wrong with it because why would somebody leave a perfectly good looking phone in a dresser with trash?! Especially an S5 that looks BRAND NEW, no scratches or anything! And it’s been a week since they left and they haven’t came for it.

Anyways, I decided to see if it would turn on — it didn’t. Maybe it needed to charge? I don’t know.

I took it home with me, thinking I found a good find this time after cleaning apartments.

Well, i took it home, asked my roommate if i could borrow his charger (he used to have S5 too, no longer has it, just has the charger, so i can’t switch batteries to see if it’s the battery or not). I plugged it in, and nothing. No vibrations, no sound, no lights, no nothing. I even left it charging all night and tried turning it on a few hours ago, and nothing happened. It was just dead.

I opened up the back, pulled out the battery, and I noticed the Water Indicator Stickers were NOT on the battery, nor on the phone under inside where the battery goes. I figured, maybe they left this brand new looking phone there because it got water damaged? But then, I noticed you could see the Water Indicator sticker, which is INSIDE the phone, and it was white. Like if it never got wet. If a phone got water damaged, wouldn’t the sticker inside (which is exposed) also be red and not white?

So i have doubts that it got water damaged, but i also think it could have been. Also, I tried plugging it into my laptop, and usually when I plug in devices it says “device found” and this time it didn’t when i plugged in S5. It didn’t do nothing at all. Not even charge through my laptop! I just wanna know if I could save this phone or just go ahead and recycle it. Thanks. Sorry I wrote too much. Haha. — Justin

Solution: Hi Justin. There are four reasons why a brand new looking S5 is totally unresponsive:

  • The battery is not working
  • The battery is not installed properly
  • The phone is water damaged
  • The phone suffers from physical damaged

We can rule out the third one in this list since the water damage indicator is white. This sticker is sensitive to even small amount of liquid condensation so we can assume that the phone has never seen water.

The first logical thing that you can try is by using another S5 battery. If the phone has been kept for a long time, there’s a chance that the battery may have been completely depleted.

If battery is not an issue, then the phone must have some physical damage inside. A sharp drop can loosen or directly kill components in the motherboard. Dropping any electronic devices can result to total power failure even when there are no visible external damages. The motherboard needs to be checked to know what the real problem is. Unfortunately, our blog does not offer hardware troubleshooting tips.

Have the phone checked by a qualified technician so they can physically check the phone and fix it if possible.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 stuck in download mode

Hi team! I first rooted my Samsung Galaxy S5, but when Google Plus stopped working as well as Google Play, i wanted to wipe the phone, so i did first in options.

But it still didn’t work so i opened my custom rom (twrp) and wiped the phone from there. When it was done my phone didn’t make any sign of turning on when i held down the Power on key. When i pressed the Power key, the volume down key and the home key it would get stuck at bootup screen. When i took out the battery and held down the power key for a minute it would get stuck at the same screen when i just pressed the power key. So i made some progress, and it would load the recovery. So i tried to wipe it, reboot system, reboot recovery but nothing works. When i try to reboot system it says “No OS installed! Are you sure you want to reboot?” Can i please get some help. And i excuse for my bad English. — Steffen

Solution: Hi Steffen. The only thing that you can do on your end is to boot the phone again in download mode (by pressing and holding Power, Volume Down, and Home keys) and flashing either a stock ROM or a custom ROM. If the phone will continue to fail in download mode, have the phone checked by Samsung or by any qualified technician.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 only boots in recovery mode

Hello there. I came across your site while looking for an explanation for my Samsung issues. So, I see when people complain about their phone being unresponsive you tell them to do that 3 button thing to get to the System Recovery whatnot. But now my issue is this: my phone will just decide to die… and go straight to the recovery mode. But my volume button, power button etc. don’t do anything.

I can’t switch the phone on and I can’t get it off or out of the recovery mode. After a little while it will switch off and I can’t even get to the recovery screen. All the while if I plug it in to the charger, it doesn’t even budge. I have got a new device from the repair company once already, but I really want to try not lose anything… Any suggestions? Regards. — Jessy

Solution: Hi Jessy. Is your phone rooted or is it running a custom ROM? If any of these two things apply, don’t waste time looking for other “solutions” as there’s basically little to nothing that can be done to effectively force a device to boot back normally. Boot the phone in download mode and flash a new (either stock or custom) ROM. While rooting or modding has become quite common nowadays, there are still risks involved. Modded or rooted phones have a higher chance of getting bricked than devices running stock firmware so it’s up to which one to use.

If you don’t want to go through the flashing route, try fixing the issue via recovery mode. Since you did not mention any custom recovery, we are assuming that your S5 still runs the stock one. These are the things that you can do:

  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery for a few minutes.
  • Turn the phone on again and boot back to recovery mode.
  • Select Wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Select Reboot system now to restart the phone in normal mode.

If the phone no longer boots to either download or recovery mode, consider tapping the services of any phone doctor in your area.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 overheating issue

Hi guys. I have been having some debilitating issues on my Samsung Galaxy S5 which is only 5 months old. I was hoping you could help me out because I am completely stumped!  I recently upgraded to the Lollipop OS and my phone has not been the same ever since. The main issue is the screen will go completely unresponsive and the CPU panel will overheat to the point where it is 180 degrees (according to the CleanMaster app)!

At this point, I have to remove the battery and restart the phone. I may have to do this upwards of 20 times before randomly the screen will work. Then, I will be lucky to get 5-10 minutes of usage before it starts to overheat and the phone screen freezes again. The physical volume and power buttons will continue to work, but the touch screen is totally unresponsive.

I have done a master factory reset twice already, and have not installed any additional apps but problem still persists. I have turned off auto updates and disabled everything I didn’t need, but the screen still freezes and CPU overheats at random.

Please let me know what you think the issue could be, as I hope it is not the hardware! This phone was working great with Kit Kat and required ZERO maintenance while tearing through multiple apps (FB, Whatsapp, Skype, HD video…you name it!)  Now the phone is basically worthless and I am lucky to get it to function long enough for the basic functions of call and text.

Let me know your guru perspective, thanks a ton guys!!! — Ian

Solution: Hi Ian. There are a number of factors that can cause a smartphone to overheat. Some are user induced while others are system or hardware in nature. These are some of the common reasons why a powerful smartphone like your S5 overheats:

  • faulty or inappropriate use of battery
  • using the phone while charging
  • ventilation issue
  • unsustainable usage pattern
  • direct exposure to a heat source

Now, these are the things that you can do avoid overheating:

Replace the battery

A defective battery can produce heat inside the device. This can happen if the existing battery has reached its end of life or if it suffers from a physical defect. A typical smartphone battery must be replaced after about 500 charging cycles, which translates to about 1-2 years. This is assuming that you charge the phone once every day. Keep in mind that this is a recommended maintenance task to avoid issues.

In your case, since you already have an on-going overheating problem, try using another battery even the device has not reached the estimated charging cycles to see the difference.

Avoid using the phone when charging

This is not an absolute rule. Samsung phones can be used while charging without causing any problems but if done in combination with other factors (like an existing faulty battery or poor ventilation), this practice may hasten heat build up inside the device.

Because the phone is already showing overheating symptoms, just refrain from using it when charging.

Keep the device well ventilated

Your S5 is obviously slim for a powerful device but it’s been designed to be that way by Samsung. There are millions of other Galaxy S5s around the world without any ventilation problems so it only comes into play when other factors like defective components or exposure to heat are in the picture.

Ventilation is not so much an issue for smartphones despite your phone’s small size but that doesn’t mean you have to expose it to a direct heat source. Leaving it inside an unshaded car during a hot day is certainly a no-no. Nor is placing the phone near an oven.

Use the phone moderately

Unless there’s really an on-going hardware issue, the most likely reason why the phone overheats is excessive usage. However, fast and amazing the Samsung hardware specifications are, too much usage can still reduce it to a brick.

Despite being marketed as an excellent alternative as a portable gaming platform, your S5 is far from being a gaming rig. It’s conservative slim design ensures that ventilation becomes a serious issue once you start using it for games for over an hour.

If you are a heavy user or gamer, make sure to let the phone cool off for at least two hours before using it again.

If the phone continues to overheat after doing all the things mentioned above, the best thing that you can do is to simply get a new one. We know that means investing more money to another gadget but doing so would certainly save the trouble of having the phone repaired without the guarantee of a 100% fix. Unless the attending technician isolates the defective component in one go, you may end up shelling out more money for repeatitive, unguaranteed repair attempts.



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  1. Hi my Galaxy S5 was fixed $400 nothing but problems with it now I am sure there is a motherboard problem as it cannot be a Samsung motherboard it does not identify with Optus Network
    Cannot download software update at all turns off add the charger to the phone on Battery never needs charging stays on 100% phone does get hottest sometimes turning the phone on it flashes samsung on and off so many problems cannot take it back to the guy that supposedly fixed my phone had an argument with him buy seriously what is wrong with my S5 with all these problems is my phone no good please need help thankyou xxxxxx

  2. I have a Samsung S5 Active that saying it’s overheating when it’s not. Tried doing a factory reset and now when it tries to load it only goes so far then the message “your phone is overheating. 1 application shut down.. Anyone else with the same problem?

  3. Hi I just recent bought a new Samsung galaxy s5 sm-g906, and upon first and second charging the phone I realised that the phone keeps overheating even when turned off. This phone is without any upgrades as well.
    Is this normal

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