Samsung working on a monthly financing program for its Galaxy flagships: Report

Galaxy Note 5

According to a new report, #Samsung is in the process of introducing a monthly financing plan similar to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, which would let customers pay for the device in 24 monthly installments, without the carrier’s involvement. Apple’s upgrade program also allows users to switch to a new iPhone every year, so it is expected that Samsung will follow a similar strategy with its offering.

With a monthly financing program, users will only have a certain amount to pay each month, not including the monthly fees that the carrier will charge you. This will keep the carrier costs and the device costs separate, which has been quite confusing for the customers over the past few years.

The information was revealed by an industry executive cited by Forbes. Bear in mind that Samsung is yet to confirm this, so let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. But a move like this makes complete sense from Samsung and would attract more customers to its products given the relatively low investment up front.

Source: Forbes

Via: 9to5Google