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Report suggests the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be announced in January 2016

Galaxy S7

It was expected that #Samsung would release the #GalaxyS7 sometime in February or March after the MWC 2016 event is concluded. However, a new report mentions that the Korean manufacturer might actually release the device a little earlier than expected. It is said that the handset will be officially shown off in January.

While the report doesn’t clarify as to why Samsung has decided to do this, it seems like a decision borne out of the need to stay ahead of the curve and beat its competitors to the punch. As we very well know, a lot of companies are going to showcase their offerings at the MWC 2016 next year and having a device in the market by then will allow Samsung to get a head start.

LG probably won’t release a flagship at the MWC given that the company is expected to release one later this year (or perhaps at the CES?). It sounds like a very wise choice by Samsung, if this report has any truth to it. It has been rumored that the Galaxy S7 would use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 silicon, which would certainly make for a very powerful device.


Source: eToday – Translated

Via: Sam Mobile

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