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Play Music seemingly getting Shazam like song identification feature

Play Music Identify

#Shazam has been a godsend for many of us who like to tag and ID songs that we hear on the radio or on the television. For a brief period a couple of years ago, #Google introduced a widget on Android that would serve the same purpose. However, it disappeared subsequently without any notice. It is now revealed that this feature will make a comeback to #Android as a built-in feature on Play Music.

Some users are apparently seeing this music tagging feature on Play Music as shown in the screenshot above. It looks pretty decent, although it is a little strange that Google has decided to implement it within the search section of Play Music. It is likely that this is one of those features that’s being tested by Google, so don’t expect to find it on your devices as of yet.

It is said that some users in Brazil, the U.S. and Germany are currently finding this feature, so it appears to be rolling out to a small batch of users. If you have seen it on your Play Music app, make sure you let us know by dropping a comment below.

Source: +KalebPeters

Via: Android Police

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