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OnePlus teases the arrival of a new luxury item, could be a leather back cover

OnePlus 2 - Leather Back Cover

The #OnePlus2 smartphone has already been available for quite some time now. The company has also released a wide range of accessories for the device, including wooden and kevlar back panels known as StyleSwap covers.

And now, the company has started teasing the arrival of a new range of covers, at least that’s what we think it is. It seems like these will be leather back panels if the teaser is any indication, which also stresses on the luxury aspect here with the words “A bit of welcome luxury.

Since StyleSwap covers are not available in leather right now, it’s only fair to assume that this is what the company will have to show us. However, OnePlus is yet to provide official details on when this cover will be made available, so we’re still in the dark about that.

The company yesterday promised to start an open sale of the OnePlus 2 sometime this month as an apology to customers who have have waited a long time to get the device, so perhaps this is a similar move from the manufacturer.

Source: Google+

Via: GSM Arena

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