NVIDIA recalling units of Shield Pro console over a possible hard drive issue

NVIDIA Shield Pro

The #NVIDIA #ShieldPro was launched by the company as a 500GB alternative to the standard NVIDIA Shield. Well, it is believed that the company has found some issues with the hard drive of the console and as such has issued a recall of some units.

Read on to see if you match the company’s criteria for a recall:

  • Fastboot menu appears during Upgrade 1.4 (even if system recovers after a system reboot you should get a replacement).
  • Severe and persistent pixilation in all tiles of the top row of the Android TV home screen (text in tiles will be unreadable and does not become clear after a few seconds).

Note that not all units might be impacted by this, but it appears like most devices are. In any case, make sure you get in touch with NVIDIA regarding the issue and get it sorted accordingly.

It’s good to see the company acknowledging the issue rather than leaving the customers hanging. NVIDIA will send out a new unit to the customers as soon as the return is authorized.

Source: GEFORCE Forums

Via: Android Authority