Nokia’s first full-blown Android phone, the C1 leaks out in renders

Nokia C1

It’s no secret that #Nokia is looking to make a comeback in the mobile industry very soon. And we’re now getting a brief look of what could well be the company’s first Android smartphone, without emphasis on Microsoft’s services. This here is known as the #NokiaC1 and has all the markings of a standard Nokia flagship, right from the design to the simplistic camera sensor on the back.

The speakers on the bottom is very iPhone esque, but we won’t hold that against Nokia as that has been the trend of late. It has been said that the handset would carry a 5 inch 720p display, an Intel ATOM processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera as well as a 5-megapixel front camera.

Nokia C1 - Full

The render however suggests that this device is larger than 5 inches, but that could just as easily be our eyes fooling us. In any case, the handset looks pretty decent and we cannot wait to see what the first (real) Android phone from Nokia has to offer.

The company has released Android phones in the past with the Nokia X and the XL, although these looked more like Android handsets with a Windows Phone theme, which was understandable as Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia had just been completed.

What do you think of the Nokia C1?

Source: G For Games

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2 Replies to “Nokia’s first full-blown Android phone, the C1 leaks out in renders”

  1. How in the world do these fools get that having a speaker on the bottom is very “iPhonish”! lol….. Get Real many phones have had the speaker on the bottom before Apple. Including Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 two generations ago!!! haha….

    Always cracks me up all these closet Applewellian Proles coming out of the closet now that Tim Crook has too!!! …….hey we know, you all think Apple invented EVERYTHING…… Ages Before the DAWN of TIME IMMORTAL!!! lol……. as if that was even possible!!! ;-P

    And….. Reality for YOU…… Nokia, Motorola and Samsung all built the Standards used by iPhones and all of them had Smartphones out well before Apple ever decided to get in the game and rip them all off!!!

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