Nexus Protect could be an extended warranty program from Google

Nexus Protect

The #NexusProtect program has just been inadvertently revealed by #Google. As the name suggests, this seems like an extended warranty program from Google, perhaps covering accidental damages too. Apple has risen to prominence with its Apple Care support, so it was only a matter of time before Nexus device owners got something similar.

One caveat that’s seen here is that users can’t get the Nexus Protect coverage on just one device if they’re getting two or three devices. Users will apparently have to get coverage for all eligible devices in the order or none at all, which could create some serious trouble when it goes official.

Of course, we’re hoping to get more clarification on this and it’s too soon to jump to conclusions as Google hasn’t confirmed this yet. Given that the leak comes directly from the Google Store, it’s safe to say that this is set to go official sometime later this month. It is being speculated that Nexus Protect will also include Android Wear smartwatches and Android TV devices.

Via: Android Police