Nexus 6 pricing drops to $349 at Best Buy

Nexus 6

We recently saw the #Nexus6 receiving a price cut over at #Amazon. And as we predicted, this is not a retailer specific price cut with Best Buy now joining the list as well. The retailer is offering the 32GB version of the 2014 Nexus flagship for $349, while the 64GB model is still quite expensive at $549.

This move makes sense given the imminent arrival of the Huawei and LG Nexus flagships. With two new Nexus handsets believed to be in tow, Google would want to clear out the inventory of the current Nexus flagship before it’s too late. Expect the prices to go down even further as we lead up to the release of the smartphones.

It has been speculated that Google will hold an announcement event for the unveiling of the two new smartphones on the September 29, so we only have about three weeks to wait for the surprise to be unraveled. We personally think the Nexus 6 for $349 is an excellent value, given the hardware on board. Head over to the Best Buy page below to get the handset.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Droid Life