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New Samsung Gear VR model will be available for $99 starting November

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s first gen #GearVR headset (designed by #Oculus) wasn’t exactly a runaway success. But that was always on the cards given that not all devices were compatible with it and that the concept of virtual reality headsets are still taking taking shape. Also at $199, it wasn’t exactly cheap.

Samsung and Oculus have now unveiled the second generation Gear VR headset and have also halved the price to just $99. This headset will be compatible with the recently released Galaxy flagships and Samsung will officially bring it to the markets starting in November, so there’s still some waiting to do.

Compatibility list includes the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5 as well Galaxy S6 edge+. This means that last year’s Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S5 are left out this time. However, we’re hoping that Samsung will make the first generation model available at a reduced cost so that those customers don’t miss out on the virtual reality action.

In preparation of its VR expansion, Samsung has teamed up with a number of developers to curate content and other services for the virtual reality platform. So the situation right now is a lot better compared to last year.

Via: Android Central

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