New report crowns T-Mobile the best overall U.S. carrier


There has been much debate as to which carrier is the best in the U.S. While in terms of numbers, #Verizon and AT&T rule the roost, there’s no denying that #TMobile is one of the most popular networks in the U.S. with numbers growing at a rapid pace.

A new grades chart compiled by popular site Tom’s Guide has found that T-Mobile has one of the best overall networks in the U.S., while Verizon is in second place, falling behind by just 2 points. AT&T was in third place while Sprint, quite understandably was in the fourth position in the list.

Despite making it to the third place, AT&T scored more points than Verizon and T-Mobile in terms of customer support, which is crucial for any carrier. T-Mobile and Verizon scored evenly in the customer support segment.

While Verizon received decent marks for its overall performance, it lost points to T-Mobile in the kind of plans that they offer. This is testament to T-Mobile’s success really, as the carrier has been pushing disruptive plans one after the other to take on the big carriers. Have a look at the chart below to see how other carriers fared.

2015 Carrier Grades

Source: Tom’s Guide

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