New family plan option for Play Music to be unveiled tomorrow

Play Music Logo

#AppleMusic has created quite a stir in the music streaming industry. But #Google isn’t one to back down when faced by stiff competition. A new report mentions that the Mountain View giant is prepping the release of a new Family Plan for #PlayMusic at $14.99 per month which can cover up to 6 people.

This is exactly the same as Apple’s current Family Plan offering, which should make things very interesting. While there’s not a lot of disparity in terms of the content available from Google and Apple’s offerings, Play Music has a slight edge over Apple Music as it is available on a wide range of platforms while Apple’s streaming service is still making its way to devices (an Android app is on its way).

Play Music lets you stream music from the web browser, an Android app or even on iOS with the help of a dedicated app. Other industry rivals like Spotify are somewhat behind in terms of pricing as a plan for five subscribers is priced at $29 per month.

A single user subscription of Play Music should remain unchanged at $9.99, which makes the Family Plan a much more viable and logical choice for the customers.

Via: Android Police