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More images of the BlackBerry Venice out in the wild

BlackBerry Venice - Full

The #BlackBerryVenice is really not a secret anymore with extensive leaks and even a couple of videos giving us a very good look of the device. Today’s leak however, puts everything else on the backseat as it is easily the best hands-on images we’ve seen of the device.

Here we can see how the smartphone is running a relatively stock version of Android, while also telling us that there will be ample space under the slide out keyboard with the speaker grill located there as well.

There’s a picture of the back here, which reveals the well discussed 18-megapixel camera sensor. It is said that the device will have the model number STV100-6, which doesn’t matter right now to be honest.

The source also managed to reveal that the handset is indeed packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC as previous rumors suggested. So it’s clear that BlackBerry is making no compromises in the hardware department.

All that’s left now is for the company to official reveal the handset and put an end to these leaks and speculations once and for all. Do you like what you see here?


Source: Android Authority

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