Makers of messaging app LINE now have an Android launcher

LINE Launcher

Instant Messaging app #LINE is quite popular in some key markets of Asia. Features like music streaming, stickers, games etc have made it the desired choice for many out there. The developers of the app have just broadened their horizons by launching a new home screen launcher application, aptly named LINE Launcher.

As you can see from the image above, it brings forth a series of changes to your homescreen to make icons and widgets stand out compared to your conventional launcher. Naturally, there are multiple options to pick from here, so users will be able to tweak the launcher according to their liking. There are several themes to pick from as well.

It’s a free download from the Play Store, so if you think the launcher you have right now isn’t doing it for you or if you simply want to try out something new, head over to the link below and give LINE Launcher a go.

Source: LINE, Google Play Store

Via: Engadget