Looking to unlock your Moto X Pure Edition? Say goodbye to warranty coverage

Moto X Pure Edition

Most users who get a developer friendly #Android product are of the assumption that the company would encourage developer like actions. But it seems like the #MotoX Pure Edition is an exception to that. A new revelation has found that if the user tries to unlock the bootloader of the handset, #Motorola will not entertain warranty requests.

This means that should something go wrong with your device and if it has an unlocked bootloader, you will not get “free” support from the company. The information was given by a company representative on a forum post who also went on to say that the same caveats will apply even if you have Moto Care coverage for your device.

The company will still fix hardware defects on the smartphone if any, but that’s pretty much it. This is quite unfortunate given that Motorola’s smartphones were always known to be dev friendly. But with this statement, the company has made it pretty clear that there’s no such thing anymore.

Source: Motorola Forums

Via: Android and Me