How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 MicroSD Unexpectedly Removed Error & Other Related Issues

One of the best reasons for owning an Android smartphone over its iOS counterpart is the option to expand its storage capabilities. Let’s say you get the 16GB #Samsung #GalaxyS5 model. If you need more storage space you can simply insert a microSD card into the phone to increase its capacity. The good news is that this particular model accepts up to 128GB microSD cards.

While there are a lot of advantages in having a microSD installed in your phone there are also some cases where this causes problems. One common issue that you may encounter is the microSD unexpectedly removed error. This and other related issues are what we will tackle in this latest installment of our troubleshooting series.

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S5 MicroSD Unexpectedly Removed Error

Problem: Hello Droid, So my Galaxy S5 which was bought from the day it was released has been going through some problems with the SD card. It is being “unexpectedly removed” and checks for “errors”. I’m unable to encrypt datas on this version of Android. LOLLIPOP. The most annoying problem is when the SD card is being unexpectedly removed from the phone.

Solution: The microSD card unexpectedly removed error not only occurs on the S5 but other Android devices as well.

A possible reason for this is that the microSD card contacts have dirt on them or the microSD card slot contacts in your phone are dirty. Try checking this first and if you spot any dirt on either of them then clean the dirt using a pencil eraser or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

Another possible reason is that the microSD card you are using may be faulty. Try using another card on your phone and see if you still get the same error message.

The phone software may also be a reason as to why you are getting this error message. To check if this is the case you will need to back up your phone data and do a factory reset.

If all else fails then the microSD card reader module of your phone may be defective. Have this checked at an authorized service center.

S5 Songs In MicroSD Do Not Play

Problem: I keep my mp3 songs on my sd card inserted into my Galaxy S5, a 64 gb micro sd.  Recently a lot of the mp3 files have been playing only a portion of the song.  Some are only playing a few seconds or half the song.  Until that started happening, all of the songs have been playing all the way through.  Do you know what could cause this? I can’t remember when exactly it starting happening, maybe a few weeks ago.  I’ve had my S5 since May 2015. 

Solution: You will need to isolate the microSD card first and see if this is causing the problem. Take the card out from your phone then connect it to your computer. You may need a microSD card adapter for this. Once connected browse to the music folder in the card and play the songs. If your computer can play the songs fully then the problem is not with the card but with your phone. However, if the same issue occurs on your computer then you will need to get a new microSD card. Sometimes though the card can be saved by formatting it so I suggest you do this first before purchasing a new card.

Assuming the microSD card does not have problem then the issue may be with your phone. What music player app are you using in playing the songs? Try clearing the cache and data of this music app then check if the issue still occurs (take note that you need to insert your microSD card back into the phone to do this).

You should also try to download anther music app and see if the problem remains. If it does then I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset. Once the reset has finished proceed with checking for any new software updates that may be available for your phone and apply them accordingly.

S5 Files In MicroSD Are Corrupt

Problem: “I locate pictures in My Files>Images. Some pics show as thumbnails. Regardless, selected pic shows as black screen (with “”mountain”” icon and !). Also can’t copy files to SD card. HELP!”

Solution: In this scenario it is very likely that you have a faulty microSD card. Its File Allocation Table may be corrupt causing you not to copy files to it or having broken photos. I suggest you take out the card and have your computer read it. You may need a microSD card adapter for this. Copy the data that can be saved from the card to your computer. Ideally you should get a new microSD card to replace the old one or you can format the microSD card that you have and hope that this resolves the problem.

S5 Files Transferred To MicroSD Card Gets Corrupt

Problem: I’m having problem with my Micro SD Card (C10). Before everything were working fine. But then I don’t know how, when I transfer file on my SD, it get corrupted. Like an example, I transfer a video, sometime it would play just normally, and after like maybe 30Min later. It corrupt. I was guessing if it was the driver or the cable, but no cause, transfering file in the internal memory work fine. I don’t know ifs it that S5 policy update, or other’s. Even MP3 JPEG all thing can be play and seen at a moment, but then after, it get corrupt. Sometime the video gets like slow transfer, before it was fast, now its slow and sometime freez. Please help me on that issue.

Solution: You need to check first if the issue is caused by your phone software. To do this you need to back up your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset has finished do not install any apps just yet on your phone. Try to copy some video files to your microSD card then check if the files gets corrupt. If the problem does not occur then the issue may be caused by your phone software.

If however the problem persists then the microSD card is the most likely culprit. It may already be faulty which is why your files gets corrupted. Try getting a new card preferably one with a class 10 rating.

S5 MicroSD Card Damaged After Update

Problem: When I did my software update I had a notification that my SD card was damaged after rebooting several times I had to use another card. Loosing a lot all my SD Memory space. From 64 to 1.8gb. Could this be a glitch. How can I find out?

Solution: You have to check if your card is really damaged by taking it out of your phone then connecting it to your computer. You may need a microSD card adapter to do this. From your computer you can check the card if it is damaged by opening it using the file explorer. Try to check its capacity first then open some of the files stored in the card. If you have photos and videos stored in the card then try to open them. If you can’t open the files then the card may already be defective and needs to be replaced. If you can open the files then the error message you got from your phone may just be a software glitch.

Before inserting the microSD card back into the phone you need to reboot your phone by taking out its battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This clears out your phone RAM and discharges your phone circuit.

Reinsert the battery and the microSD card then check if the card is still detected as damaged by your phone.

If it is still detected as damaged then you should backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the factory reset is finished check on the microSD card again.

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