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Google raises maximum APK file size to 100MB

Google Play Store APK File Size

Developers have often complained about Google’s restrictions on maximum APK file sizes, which was set at 50MB by the Mountain View giant. Well, the official #Android Developers Twitter handle has now announced that this limit has been raised to 100MB, which is double the amount than what was previously allowed.

Bear in mind that this won’t change the file sizes of your regular apps, but will merely offer developers more liberty with the way they design the apps. Usually when an app is found to be above 50MB, developers resort to pushing some of the remaining files into expansion packs, so it’s good to know that this will change that.

Relatively bigger games with heavy graphics on board will naturally have to resort to expansion packs once the APK has been installed on the user’s device. It is interesting to note that some of Google’s own apps like Chrome have long surpassed the 50MB barrier as it weighs in at nearly 70MB.

Source: Android Developers

Via: Android Police

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