Galaxy S5 no longer charges, other power problems

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “The connected charger is incompatible with this phone” error after it got wet, won’t charge properly
  2. Galaxy S5 bitten by dog won’t power on
  3. Galaxy S5 won’t charge and turn on
  4. Galaxy S5 performs a factory reset by itself

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “The connected charger is incompatible with this phone” error after it got wet, won’t charge properly

The waterproof cover for the charger broke off my phone several months ago.  Last week, I spoiled a glass of water and it splashed my phone pretty good.  I removed the outer box and dried it with a towel. 

My phone worked fine until yesterday afternoon.  While in a meeting at Barnes and Noble, my phone started beeping several times. I looked over at it and a message was displayed “The connected charger is incompatible with this phone.” There is more to the message about charging had speed and to connect to the original charger. It was very strange as I did not have my phone connected to the charger. It was simply sitting on the table next to me. It got quite annoying as it kept beeping repeatedly and sporadically.

When I got it to my car, I plugged it into my car charger and got the same message and the battery icon at the top right of the screen had a big red ‘X’ over it. 

When I got home, I plugged it into the wall charger that I received with our and got the same message and bells.  I tried shooting it if, waiting 30 seconds and Fleming it in… Same issue.  I turned it off, removed the battery for a minute, put it back in, turned it on and attached the charger and it would charge for a short time only to have the same issue. 

I took it into Verizon today and they suggested trying a factory reset but I wasn’t prepared with everything backed up yet so asked about other options. They suggested a wireless charger and receiver. As I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week, I needed a quick solution so went with the wireless receive and charger they had in the store to the tune of $116.

Would a factory reset help the charging issue?  If not, is my best option, short of a new phone, a wireless charger and receive?

Thanks! — Peggy

Solution: Hi Peggy. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is supposed to be water-resistant as long as the seals (including the charging port cover) are in place. With the charging port cover gone when the phone was soaked in water, there’s high likelihood that some components may have been shorted out. Liquid can seep inside the motherboard to stay there for days or weeks and wreak havoc. Even a little moisture that manages to penetrate your phone’s outer defenses can cause problems depending on the affected component.

The error that shows up with or without a charger connected to the phone must be a product of a shorted part in the motherboard (most likely the charging port and connected peripherals). We think that the water-damaged part is the trigger, causing the OS to notify you with that error even when there’s no charger connected. This means that you are not dealing with a software problem at hand so a factory reset and other standard software troubleshooting commonly mentioned in our blog won’t help.

What you need to do next is have the phone repaired to prevent further damage. You may not be able to invoke the phone’s warranty as water damage is considered by Samsung as customer misuse (which voids the standard one-year warranty). Repair is the best remaining option for you unless you are amenable to simply getting a new phone.

Using a wireless charger won’t fix the issue either, and may even cause additional damage over time. The thing with water damage is that the device must be totally free from moisture before you should start it again. We don’t think this had been the case for your device. We think that after it got wet, you continue to use it normally. While in some rare cases, this may be fine, yours was not so fortunate.

You can check out Things to do when you have a water-damaged Android phone for more information in what should have been (and not have been) done in your case.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 bitten by dog won’t power on

Hello. Samsung S5 phone is brand new (less than 3 weeks of use). Friend’s dog picked it up a coffee table, with a tooth piercing the rear lens cover. No other visible damage, not even scratches.

Phone will not power on.

I have tried charging, swapping batteries and rebooting per your instructions. I did remove the broken lens glass to see if there were deeper issues, but the glass cover did its job from what I can tell and then actual lens are is unscathed.

Any other thoughts, ideas, suggestions you may be able to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. — Patrick

Solution: Hi Patrick. It’s interesting to know that the phone fails to boot although there’s no visible damage (aside from the broken glass). If the phone did not boot right after the incident with your friend’s dog, it’s very likely that the issue may be hardware in nature.

Try booting the phone in other modes to see if you can start the phone other than normal mode. If your phone can boot in any other mode, you may still be able to make the device work.

There are three other boot modes that you can try to troubleshoot your phone. They are safe mode, recovery mode, and download mode.

How to boot your S5 in safe mode

We usually recommend booting in safe mode if we think a third party app is causing a problem. In your case though, you want to try to boot in safe mode to simply check if the phone can. Just follow these steps:

  • Turn the device off.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • When Samsung Galaxy S5 appears on the screen, release the Power key.
  • Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Continue to hold the Volume Down key until the device finishes restarting.
  • Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Release the Volume Down key when you see Safe Mode.

How to boot your S5 in recovery mode

Another special runtime environment or boot mode that you can try is recovery mode. In this mode, you can delete the cache partition, apply software updates, or perform a factory reset. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your S5.
  • In order to shut down your Galaxy S5 you can either press the power button and select “power off” or you can press and hold the power key for more than 10 seconds.
  • Wait a few seconds and then proceed to the steps below.
  • Press Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Keep pressing these keys until recovery mode is being displayed on your Galaxy S5.
  • In recovery mode, use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons in order to scroll up and down; use Power button in order to select your option.
  • You can then reboot into Android by selecting Reboot System Now.

How to boot the phone in download mode

Download mode is a runtime environment where you usually flash or install custom or stock ROM to your device. It’s also known as ODIN mode. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Turn off the device.
  • With the device turned off, press Volume Down, Home and Power Buttons simultaneously.
  • Once you see the warning message, release all buttons.
  • Press Volume Up to enter download mode.

Now, if your S5 can boot to any of these modes, try to select whatever options will be available for you to do. For example, if your phone can boot in recovery, that means that you can either delete the system cache and/or restore the phone’s defaults via factory reset.

If nothing changes and the phone remains unresponsive, please call Samsung for replacement or repair.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 won’t charge and turn on

Hello.  I recently received an S5 from my uncle. It is about 8 months old and worked fine when he gave it to me. I have not had the chance to add it to my current cell plan. Two weeks ago my mother fully charged it and it was working. Yesterday when I went to set it up I could not get it to turn on.  I have tried charging it with two chargers.  One came with the device and one was purchased as an additional cord.  I have also tried charging it in my pc.  I used four different electrical outlets and the phone still will not come on.  I tried the factory reset, volume down, home and power buttons.  I took the battery out and put it back in.  I also took the battery out and held down the power button to discharge any electricity.  I attempted to charge it again this morning and to turn it on and it is still not working.  Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you. — Lisa

Solution: Hi Lisa. Your Galaxy S5’s battery is removable, which is an advantage, so try using another one to see if that’s where the problem lies. If using another battery won’t do any difference, you must have a hardware malfunction at hand. Have it replaced or repaired.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 performs a factory reset by itself

Found your website and was hoping you could shed some light on my issue.

Purchased an S5 back in March 2015. Phone has a 32GB SD card installed. After a couple of weeks of use the numbers used for the pass code started turning into white squares, a little square for each number. No problem just a simple power down and restart solved the problem. Then in May while using the phone it would, out of the blue, do a restart similar to when it is powered off then back on again. Asked the Verizon people about it and was told that there are some issues and fixes are forth coming. 

First of August I went on vacation, planned on using the phones camera to take all of the pictures and videos.  A week into the vacation while walking with the phone in my pocket, it was turned off as I had just used to to take some pictures and made sure it was off.  It did what I have come to find out is a factory reset.  This of course wiped out everything that was on the phone. 

Since coming home I have found out that the SD card was never initialized so was not working.  My question is why would the phone just up and do a factory reset?  Could it be that the internal memory filled up causing it to do this.

Second question, can any of the previous data be recovered?  Everyone I have talked with says no, but they also say that the phone shouldn’t do a factory reset on its own.

Thank You. — Ken

Solution: Hi Ken. Samsung phones have a security feature that will automatically do a factory reset after 10 unsuccessful attempts to enter a four-digit PIN. That the phone converts the PIN into squares, which is in itself an indicator of a firmware issue, may have something to do with the factory reset.

If you want to disable the security feature regarding your S5 factory resetting by itself, try to go under Settings>Lock  screen and uncheck this option.

The answer to your second question is maybe. If your previous data were saved in any cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., you should be able to access them again provided that you can log-in to your account. If the previous data were only stored in your phone, there’s just no way to recover them.


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One Reply to “Galaxy S5 no longer charges, other power problems”

  1. Okay I also have a Galaxy S5 that got submerged in water after the charger cover has been missing for a while there for collecting dust as this cover is also to make the phone dust-resistant as well as water resistant. However water resistant is not waterproof. I can plug any charger into this phone now and occasionally I will get the same message coming up. The ultimate solution would be to go on eBay and order a lower motherboard which would replace your microphone, home button, soft keys, and charge port all on one circuit board. One thing I like about the S5 and one reason I will probably never buy a Galaxy S6 or newer until this phone falls apart is the simple fact that it can be disassembled with a tiny screwdriver and the battery is removable. Also have this phone upgraded to a high capacity battery which causes more charge time as you cannot do this with the S6 or newer so those with an S5 I recommend keeping the phone until it falls apart or until it gets kicked off the networks because this phone is more DIY repairable. Once you replace the circuit board it should hopefully solve the problem. However you may also be able to look for moisture on the old circuit board and remove it if one of the chips hasn’t been damaged from shorts which is sort of unlikely. Or you can do what I just tried take a tiny piece of paper and fold it to about a quarter inch where it will fit inside the charge port and stick it inside the charge port and hold it there for a minute and it may absorb moisture and if it doesn’t do that look for a tiny hunk of dust that is most likely wet and shorting the charge port due to the simple fact the cover has been missing for a while there tends to get a lot of dust inside there and then try plugging it back into the charger because I tried this and it’s been on the charger for about 15 minutes now and I haven’t gotten this message. If you decide to replace the whole charge port you can get this part on eBay for under about 10 US dollars. It’s actually a separate board from your phone’s main circuit board I would also recommend while you have this phone apart replace the ringer speaker has it can wear out over time. This speaker gets used a lot and you would probably notice if your phone is submerged enough in water that it will be muffled temporarily do to water inside of it in 2017 this is fairly cheap as well for this phone due to the fact that the phone is three generations behind but as long as you know how to replace parts and have an OtterBox Defender it’s pretty well full proof but try the paper first just make sure you don’t get any paper stuck inside the charger which is pretty unlikely. Like I said I got about a half a millimeter glob of wet dust out and now I’m not having this problem. Also look for a problem of when you hit the back button the soft keys blink on and off and go crazy and all of your applications keep popping up until you reboot the phone. If this problem persist then power the phone off immediately and remove the battery and SIM card and set the phone down with light Heat blowing on it however avoid getting the phone too hot you could also try the rice trick. After awhile it should go back to normal. And I would recommend replacing the cover it’s only a few US dollars and I don’t believe you have to take the phone completely apart because if you look at it it appears that you can take one section out with one screw holding it in. Yes this cover is sort of annoying but it does protect the device from water and dust and I have noticed that the charge port on this phone seems to last longer them some of the other Samsung devices.

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