Galaxy S5 Facebook app very slow when loading [solutions]


Slow loading apps are not unusual anymore and it can be expected even on powerful smartphones like the #Samsung #GalaxyS5. One of our readers encounter a rather puzzling issue with Facebook app though. We publish the entire letter here for the benefit of our Android community.




We have 3 Samsung Galaxy S5 Phones and have had them since last December.  I had a Belkin Router that went on the fritz last week.  My tech friend had me buy a new Netgear Router — N300 WNR2000v5 wi-fi.  All was well.

Then I noticed my laptop as not connected, turns out it’s on Vista, has to be updated. Then my husband starting saying his Facebook Feed was not loading timely. I put his phone by mine and there was for sure a lag. I checked his Android Version and it was the same as mine version 5.0. We had the same Facebook version I asked my tech guy. We cleared the cache on the phone, we cleared the cache on Facebook, we took the battery out, but nothing fixed it.

I called our phone carrier AT&T. They did a remote access into the phone, checked the strength of the wi-fi and it was strong, the internet would come up no issue and only the Facebook lagged. They ran an update on the phone and now his FB is version Hoping this corrected the issue, we forgot the network and connected again, but to no avail. The FB just spins on gray screens loading pictures or videos maybe 10-15 minutes out. 

Then I decided to take his phone, my phone and my daughter’s phone to Best Buy. The Facebook loaded on their wi-fi on his phone but was still slow. The tech said they had slow wifi there.  He checked all this settings on my husband’s phone, found no issues.

 I asked him to swap my daughter’s phone (primarily used as a TV!) with my husband’s phone. He did so, did a factory reset on the phone and swapped the SIM cards. 

Both phones were on wi-fi at the store, his Facebook appeared to be moving faster, I was convinced the problem was fixed.  My daughter was in tears, she had games and things lost, poor 11 year old!  I told her to go to the app store and reload! 

When I got home I opened Facebook on my husband’s phone and to my dismay the Facebook was lulling along.  His internet was up no issue on internet explorer. 

Then my daughter said her phone (which was previously my husband’s) was not loading properly in the app store (pictures of Apps, etc.).  I contacted live chat on Samsung, they had me do all the tricks and drills I already knew, wanted me to do a factory reset and I told the rep that it’s been done less than 4 hours ago!

 As I typed back and forth with the Samsung rep my daughter informed me the phone was working fine now, she started her Chopped Champion APP and it never missed a hitch.  I do not allow Facebook on her phone so I did not load that. Meanwhile my phone (same model) works flawlessly, loads FB in a snap.  We are all on the same brand new Wi-Fi router. 

I looked at my husband’s phone again today and now his Android version is 4.4.4 (was what my daughters was and per Samsung that meant it just was not updated yet).

I was tempted to drive 25 miles back to Best Buy to have the Samsung rep that is there load the 5.0.  Then I realized that his previous phone was that version and it was the same situation.  I contacted my tech guy and he said if I wanted to buy a new router he would install it but because the internet on my PC is perfect and it is on my phone I don’t think it’s the router but a setting.  I took my husband’s phone and my phone side by side in settings and went through all the settings, they are the same and the smart switch is off on Wi-Fi. 

Can anyone help?  My husband uses his phone for business, messaging and the only app he loads and looks at is FB because he is a member of Arkansas Wildlife and he posts photos.  He can no longer zoom in or out when he is not using the APP.  He has to login via internet explorer and he wants to use the APP.  I have uninstalled Facebook a dozen times, cleared the cache.  I give up!

My phone – Samsung S5 Android 5.0 FB version

 Husband’s phone prior to the swap was the same, now it is Samsung S5 Android 4.4.4 FB version

Daughter’s Phone – Samsung S5 Android 5.0 no FB loaded, Wi-Fi working fine now was my husband’s phone to begin with! — Laura



Hi Laura. You definitely have an interesting case here having done almost all the things that a user can do in this situation. The thing is, slow browsing or performance of an app in a smartphone can be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a phone firmware issue, although in most instances it may be coming from the app itself. In some rare cases, your network settings may play a role too. Let’s take a look at the things that you need to do further to identify and resolve this problem.

Do other internet-based apps behave similarly to Facebook app?

We understand that Facebook app is important for your husband’s line of work but you haven’t indicated if other similar apps or any other apps that uses internet to work are doing the same thing. Checking if other apps work normally will give you an idea whether the problem is isolated to Facebook app or not.

It’s not uncommon that some app updates sometimes don’t go exactly as planned and results to problems rather than fixes. Instead of installing an update, consider uninstalling the latest Facebook update to see if it will make any difference. We are not suggesting that you won’t re-install the update later on but for troubleshooting sake, this is worth doing.

Try other Wi-Fi networks

Connect the phone to another Wi-Fi network. The aim is the same as the first one above–to compare how Facebook behaves when the device is connected to another network. If the problem fails to occur on another network, start working on your router settings.

Update router firmware

Make sure that your Netgear router’s firmware is up-to-date. Stock router firmware may be buggy at first and may not optimize hardware to its fullest. Your router is a tiny little computer that manages your network. Like any other electronic device or computer, routers may fail to do their job properly.

Consult the device’s manual on how to update it.

Check if Quality of Service (QoS) is enabled on the router

Because the problem appears to have started after you replaced your old router, make sure to check that there no settings or restrictions that may be in place to cause it.

One of the settings that must be checked is QoS, which is basically a list of rules that a user can create to limit bandwidth to connected devices or to specific apps on a computer.

If you don’t know how to disable or configure your router’s interface, try calling Netgear support or ask a friend to do it for you.


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